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Welcome to some Grassroots Racquetball!

We want gotracquetball.com to be a common place for people to use to either get started playing or connect with other players and events and have more fun.

I just rebuilt the site after about five years or letting it do nothing. Long story. Last weekend, I took pitty on the site and thought it was a good way to practice some W3.CSS since this site only had one page and it was servely outdated.

I don't plan to have two out dated and inconsistently updated racquetball sites. Joe's NJ Racquetball will probably get occassional updates and maybe tweak a couple of things here and there. I consider the site to be pretty big and it's so outdated both with content and technology that it might need a clean slate too. I really need to weigh on the value of doing that...even though it pains me, it's probably better to focus here. Time for some new tech!

Have another site to rebuild Ambient Rehabilitation next week and some accounting stuff to do. So might be a few weeks before I can dedicate more time here.

Updated 3/27/17.

Sidebar Content?

I like W3.CSS so far, the way it scales on mobile is great, but I don't like text that drags too far horizontally. I just find it hard to follow, so going to try to add sidebars to all the pages and have some related content.

As we start getting some image assets up. They might go here.

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Updated 03/25/17.